Saturday December 29 - SeaBreeze Recreation Center - Instructor Susi Akers

Lisa McCammon Subbing for Susi Akers

A Good Thing /Step5678
All In One /Lisa McCammon
Blues Ain't News /Larry Bass
Bosa Nova /Phil Dennington
Country As Can Be  /Suzanne Wilson
Do It Like This /Jonno Liberman
Happy Ever After Love /John Robinson
Rocket To The Sun  /Maddison Glover
Shake It Off /Campbell Miller & Thane Maurer
This & That  /Gary Lafferty

Friday December 28 - La Hacienda Recreation Center - Instructor Jan Hilgenfeld

Friday December 28 - Allamanda Recreation Center - Instructor Laurie Kuzmik

A-B Cry to Me - Leslie Clark - NEW

Ms. Jody's Thang - Ed Williams
San Antonio Stroll - Cindy Hall, Ginny Smith Allen
The Tea for Two Cha Cha - Sonja Hemmes

Friday December 28 - Rohan Recreation Center - Instructor Sandy McDonald

Ruth Anne Strickland taught:
Simple Starter - Karen Tripp  NEW
"Baby" Baby Face - Claire Denney  NEW
Babycham - Ron Bloye

Sandy McDonald taught:
Electric Slide - Ron Silver 
Gloria - Rosie Multari
4 5 6 Waltz - Pip Hodge
Keep My Cool - Nicole Miller

Friday December 28 - Truman Recreation Center - Instructor Sue Heller

Beginner Plus/Improver:
Oh Me Oh My Oh - Rob Fowler

Friday December 28 - Sterling Heights Recreation Center - Instructor Pamela Anne Reinert

Dean Ouellette Subbing for Pamela Anne Reinert

After Midnight

Walk-through and dance:
Baby Jane
Big Blue Tree
Groovy Love
Little Rumba
Lonely Drum
Red Hot Rock n Roller
Rolling Rhythm
Skip The Line
Tush Push

Friday December 28 - Canal Street Recreation Center - Instructor Lisa McCammon

Bored /Ria Vos (2 year anniversary of my first teach)
Drop Everything /Heather Barton & Lee Hamilton NEW
24 Reasons /Jill Babinec & Debi Pancoast (3rdteach)
Lots Of Love /Gary O'Reilly & Maggie Gallagher NEW
Wild Fire /Ria Vos (5thteach)
Would U Stay /Jef Camps (2ndteach)
Lie To Me /Ami Carter (4thteach)